Kelly Osbourne shows off major transformation and weight loss after birth of child

Kelly Osbourne has gone through a major transformation in the last few years. The former reality television star recently also went through a major transformation in her personal life; she became a mother.

Now, the star is revealing what she looks like after giving birth 6 months ago. And you might be shocked at how she looks now! Keep reading to find out.


Kelly Osbourne is back on television screens as she promotes her guest hosting appearance on the show Beat Shazam. The 38-year-old new mom took to social media to show people her updated look.

She wore a deep purple suit with a shocking pink shirt underneath. The look was paired with bright shoes with feather trim. Her hair was dyed a lavender color with grey highlights speckled in between. They lay lose around her face, styled perfectly.

Her makeup looked natural with accompanied with a neutral lip color. She was promoting her guest hosting slot for Beat Shazam. She was taking over hosting duties from Jamie Foxx who is currently hospitalized due to undisclosed health problems.

In the post with her new look she wrote with her pictures, ‘DON’T FORGET to tune in TONIGHT @beatshazamfox at 8pm on @foxtv,’ adding, ‘Don’t miss it!!!!!’

Kelly is joined by Nick Cannon, who is the host for The Masked Singer. Both of them are filling in for Foxx. ‘I love working with Nick. He is such a professional,’ Kelly said about working with Nick.

‘There is no drama. He comes in; he’s like a one-take wonder. He just does it,’ she said.

‘Tonight is all about showing appreciation for our teachers,’ she wrote along with a promotional photo in her Instagram stories. She added, ‘Don’t miss teacher’s night on #beatshazam.’


“The contestants… I had such an emotional connection to, because watching how their knowledge of music, just from knowing music, could potentially change their lives,” Kelly said. She added, “Winning up to a million dollars, it was just such a beautiful experience.”

‘When there was a song that they had a memory attached to, and then they talk about their memory of it, and you go on this journey with them from the start of the show to the end of it, you just root for them so much and you want them to win,’ she admitted.

She said of the show, “the first show where they give away insane amounts of money when they actually want you to win.”

Kelly gave birth to her son about six months ago. She has named her son Sidney after his father, Sid Wilson. The new mom has kept details about her little one quiet and has not revealed much about him, saying she is not ready to ‘share him.’ “I am not ready to share him with the world,” she wrote on her Instagram stories, adding, “It is no one’s place but mine to share any information on my baby.”

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